10 Proven Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

If you are an online influencer, especially on Twitter, you may be wondering how to gain Twitter followers.

Gaining a massive Twitter following is not an easy task, as many people may think.

It is a process that needs determination and a lot of time to be successful.

This guide will give you some simple tips on how to gain Twitter followers.

Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

1. Create an Inviting Profile

Your profile is the first impression that you make on people about who you are.

Make sure your profile clearly explains your interests and brand.

Therefore, for your profile to be catchy, do the following:

  •  Use a clear profile picture
  • Write a compelling bio that explains clearly who you are
  • Include relevant keywords in the bio
  • Use a simple username

2. Tweet Frequently

After finishing setting up your profile, the next step is to ensure that you are active on Twitter by tweeting often.

Post different tweets by sharing tweets from other users, relevant articles, useful stats, breaking news, and personal updates.

Frequent tweets portray you as active and engaging with potential followers.

3. Prioritize Posting visual content

In addition to tweeting often, the type of your tweet will determine if you gain followers or not.

Visual content, such as images and videos, is often catchy to the eyes, thereby attracting more likes and comments.

This increases your engagement with other users, which in turn leads to an increased number of followers.

4. Use relevant Hashtags often

Hashtags can also help your tweets reach a broader audience.

But make sure that when you use hashtags, they are related to your content and industry for better tweet boosting.

Do not overdo the use of the same, but stick to a few relevant hashtags.

5. Interact with others

Interact with other Twitter users by engaging in community conversations, retweeting their tweets, and following other related accounts.

Building your engagement with other people will most likely increase the number of people engaging with you, thereby increasing your following.

6. Engage with your followers

Engaging with your followers can increase activity on your account, therefore increasing its popularity.

You can do this by responding to replies, retweeting interesting posts, and tagging relevant users.

You can also appreciate your followers for mentions and interactions.

7. Publish and comment on Twitter threads

Creating threads allows you to share longer-form content in a post.

To increase your followers on Twitter, it is advisable to create informative threads related to your expertise or interests.

You can also engage with others’ threads to boost your visibility.

8. Promote your profile on other forms

If you want to grow your Twitter community, keep in mind that no one will come to promote your profile.

It is your responsibility to promote your profile.

Promote your Twitter account on other platforms, such as your website, email signature, or other social media profiles.

In doing so, do not forget to remind your followers to follow you on Twitter.

9. Tweet at an appropriate time

Do research on your followers to learn at what time they are active before you post your content.

This will ensure that your contents get enough engagement, therefore increasing your visibility to potential followers.

10. Participate in Twitter chats

The final step in increasing your number of followers is joining relevant Twitter chats to connect with like-minded individuals.

Share your insights, ask questions, and follow other participants.

Twitter chats are ideal for networking, thereby gaining more friends and followers.


As already said, gaining Twitter followers is not just a walk in the park.

Gaining Twitter followers requires understanding your audience, engaging actively, and sharing valuable content.

Implement the above strategies, and watch your Twitter community expand.

Thank you for reading, and do not forget to check out other posts on our blog page.

If possible, come back again for more insightful guides.

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