What are Twitter Spaces? A comprehensive Guide

Among the commonly used features on Twitter (X) is Twitter Spaces.

This dynamic feature allows users to host and participate in live audio conversations with their followers.

This enhances their engagement by having discussions concerning trending topics in an instant.

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Boost your interactions with followers on twitter with the power of Twitter spaces

What is a Twitter space?

Twitter Spaces is a live audio chat feature found on the Twitter platform.

It allows users to create and join audio rooms, facilitating discussions on various topics.

Consider it an instant podcast where you can communicate with listeners.

Benefits of using Twitter spaces

  • It is easy to connect with your audience live, fostering a more personal and immediate interaction.
  • Easy to access as one can host and join spaces from anywhere easily.
  • With a broader reach, it can attract new followers and engage a larger audience through trending and recommended spaces.
  • The members can explore and discuss a wide range of topics, from current events to niche interests.

Using Twitter spaces

There are various ways in which users can utilize Twitter spaces.

For instance:

Hosting a Twitter Space

A user can come up with a trending topic and engage their followers by creating and hosting a Twitter space.

To host a Twitter space,

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your device.
  2. Create a space by tapping on the compose button.
  3. Select the Spaces icon from the menu.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for your Twitter space.

How to manage your Twitter space

  • As a host, you can invite others to speak by tapping on their profile and choosing “Invite to speak.” You can have up to 11 speakers at the same time, including yourself.
  • Additionally, you can control the conversation by muting speakers, removing participants, or ending the space to maintain an organized discussion.
  • Furthermore, remember to engage effectively, encourage listeners to speak, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation.

How can I join the Twitter space?

To join a Twitter space, open your Twitter account and look for active Twitter spaces.

This may appear at the top of your timeline in the Fleets section. Moreover, you can also find spaces through search and explore tabs

Once you find the Twitter space you wish to join,

  • Tap on the space you want to join to open it.
  • To join as a listener, tap “Join this space” or “Start listening” at the bottom of the Space screen.
  • If you want to request to speak, tap the “Request” button and wait for the host to permit you.
  • As a speaker, tap the microphone icon to unmute and join the conversation.

Remember to take part in the discussions by engaging with the host and other speakers.

This can be enhanced through raising your hand to speak, reacting with emojis, or tweeting about the space.

How to host a successful Twitter space

  • Promote your upcoming Space on Twitter and social media.
  • Plan discussion topics and questions in advance.
  • Engage with listeners by acknowledging them and encouraging participation.
  • Ensure you have good internet access and use quality audio equipment for clear sound.


Twitter Spaces is a great tool for real-time engagement.

It helps you connect deeply with your audience, whether you are a brand, influencer, or casual user.

Using Twitter Spaces can expand your reach and foster meaningful conversations, enhancing your online presence and community engagement.

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