Getting Verified on Twitter (X)

Getting verified on Twitter (X) is a coveted status symbol that signifies the authenticity and influence of the user.

The blue checkmark next to your username adds credibility to your account.

This enables you to stand out in a crowded digital space.

However, this raises concern for many users about how they can get verified on X.

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Discover how you can get verified on twitter in 4 easy steps

Is Twitter verification worth it?

Before learning how to get verified on Twitter “X”, here is why you may consider getting the coveted status symbol on your username.

  • Verification signals that your account is genuine, enhancing credibility.
  • Verified accounts appear higher in searches and get featured more.
  • Verified status boosts engagement on your tweets.

What does it take to be verified on X?

Before signing up for X Verified, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Your account must represent a real, notable person, brand, or entity.
  • Have significant coverage from reputable sources.
  • Ensure that you have an active and complete profile, as needed.

How to get verified on Twitter

1. Complete and update your profile

  • Complete your profile with a profile picture, cover photo, bio, and website link.
  • Set your account to be public, not private.
  • Verify your email address and phone number in your account settings.

2. Proof of Notability

  • Gather links to reputable articles mentioning you.
  • Show your influence with your follower count and engagement.
  • If you have an official website, ensure it links back to your Twitter profile.

3. Apply to be verified on X

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Account Information” and then “Request Verification” under “Your account.”
  • Fill out the form with the required information and notability proof.
  • Submit the form.

4. Wait for the response

  • Twitter will review your application and notify you via email.
  • If your application is denied, you can reapply for verification after 30 days.

To increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter, you can consider tweeting regularly.

In addition, remember to be professional and respectful in your interactions with other followers.

You can also consider promoting your Twitter account on other social media and your website.


Becoming verified on Twitter “X” requires a strategic approach.

Ensure that your profile is complete, demonstrate your notability, and engage with your audience to increase your chances of earning the blue checkmark.

It is important to always stay persistent and continue building your online presence to enhance your credibility and influence on Twitter.

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