Why is My Twitter Icon an X? Embrace the New Era of Twitter

Why is my Twitter icon an X? Embrace the New Era of Twitter

Have you noticed something different about your Twitter app lately?

If you look closely, you’ll notice that a plain X has taken the place of the well-known blue bird logo.

This is not a glitch or a prank.

It’s part of a major rebranding that Twitter has announced lately.

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In this article, I will explain why Twitter changed its logo to an X and what it means for the platform’s future. (Source: technext24)

Explanation of the change

Twitter’s rebranding was a sudden and surprising move that caught many users off guard.

The company aimed to establish a more modern identity, reflecting its vision and values, through a minimalist approach.

Their new logo, a stylized X within a blue circle, embodies boldness, simplicity, and universality.

The X icon is present across all platforms—web, mobile, and desktop apps, as well as in the favicon and tweet buttons.

While the company renamed itself X, it retains the @Twitter handle and the twitter.com domain.

Motives behind the change

The billionaire businessman who purchased Twitter in October 2023, Elon Musk, had a big say in the rebranding of the site as X.

Musk, who is known for his visionary and eccentric projects, said that he wanted to “reinvent social media” and make it “more fun, engaging, and innovative.”

He also said that he chose X as the new logo because he likes the letter X and because it has many meanings and associations. Some of the possible reasons for choosing X are:

X is Musk’s favorite letter.

  • He has used it in many ventures, such as SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. He also named his son X Æ A-12.
  • X symbolizes a crossroads or a new direction. Musk said that he wants to take Twitter down a different path and make it more than just a microblogging site. He hinted at adding new features and functionalities, such as gaming, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency integration.
  • X represents future-oriented technologies and innovations. Musk is known for his passion for science and technology and his ambition to shape the future of humanity. He said that he wants to make Twitter a platform that showcases and supports the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in various fields, such as AI, biotech, space, and energy.

The rebranding of Twitter as X was not without controversy and criticism.

Some users and experts said that the change was unnecessary, confusing, and damaging to the brand’s identity and reputation.

They argued that the X logo was too generic, bland, and unoriginal and that it did not convey the essence and spirit of Twitter.

They also said that the change was a sign of Musk’s ego and arrogance and that he was trying to impose his personal preferences and agenda on the platform.

Impact on users

The change of Twitter’s logo to an X had a mixed impact on its users.

Some users liked the new logo and praised it for being simple, elegant, and futuristic.

They said that they were excited and curious about the new direction and possibilities that X offered.

They also said that they trusted Musk’s vision and innovation and that they were loyal fans of his projects.

Some users even changed their profile pictures and names to match the X logo and theme.

However, some users disliked the new logo and criticized it for being boring, ugly, and meaningless.

They said that they missed the old logo and that they felt alienated and betrayed by the change.

They also said that they were skeptical and wary of Musk’s motives and intentions and that they feared that he would ruin the platform and its culture.

Some users even boycotted the platform and switched to other alternatives, such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

The change of Twitter’s logo to an X also had an impact on the platform’s brand recognition and awareness.

According to some studies and surveys, the X logo was less recognizable and memorable than the Twitter bird logo, especially among new and casual users.

The X logo also faced some confusion and competition from other brands and entities that use the letter X, such as Xbox, X-Men, and X Factor.

Future of Twitter

The future of Twitter under the X brand is uncertain and unpredictable.

The platform is undergoing a radical transformation that could either make it more successful and popular or more irrelevant and unpopular.

The platform’s fate depends largely on Musk’s vision and strategy and the users’ responses and adaptations.

Some of the known or rumored changes that X is planning to implement are:

  • Adding new features and functionalities, such as gaming, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency integration, would make the platform more diverse and interactive.
  • Introducing new modes and formats, such as voice, video, and live streaming, would make the platform more dynamic and expressive.
  • Expanding the platform’s reach and influence, such as by partnering with other platforms and organizations and launching satellites and balloons, would make the platform more accessible and global.
  • Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the platform’s future is also full of opportunities and potential. The platform has a loyal and active user base, rich and diverse content, and a unique and influential role in society and culture. The platform also has a visionary and innovative leader who has the resources and ambition to make the platform better and bigger. The platform’s future is not set in stone but in motion.


In this article, we explained why Twitter changed its logo to an X and what it means for the platform’s future.

We discussed the change, the motives, the impact, and the future of the platform under the X brand.

Elon Musk’s tastes and goals have shaped the strong and uncomplicated X logo, which stands for a fresh direction and vision for the platform.

We also learned that the X logo has a mixed impact on users and brand recognition

Also, the platform’s future is uncertain and unpredictable but also exciting and promising.

I also invite you to share your thoughts and opinions about the X logo and the platform’s future.

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